25 February 2006



Dear fellow SCCPS members,

It’s been another eventful year for the CRC. We have closed the registration for the grandfathers on 31 December 2004. We have in total 179 grandfathers registered with us. Their names and practice addresses can be found on our Register of Colposcopists at our website www.sccps.org. This serves as a useful resource for patients seeking certified colposcopists for treatment.


In order for your names to be maintained on the Register, the grandfathers are required to attend a recognised colposcopy course once in 2 years and fill up Annex 3 of the Structured Colposcopy Training Programme and Registration document, which is available for download on the website. This should be returned to the secretariat before 30 November 2006. The maintenance fee has been waived.



Structured Training Programme


The new focus for the committee in the coming year is helping our new colposcopy trainees complete the structured training programme. The structured training programme requires the completion of a logbook for 100 colposcopy examinations and 15 treatment procedures, attendance at a recognised colposcopy course and the passing of a written test held during the annual colposcopy course within a 3-year period.


To date, we have 34 trainees registered to be certified with the society but none have completed all the requirements for certification.


We seek the help of each Department Head at the restructured hospitals in encouraging and assisting their trainees attain their quota of colposcopy and treatment cases for certification. The completion of the structured training programme will become a requirement for the completion of their AST in the future.



CRC Test


We will be holding the 3rd CRC test on the 18th March at 12.00pm at the National Cancer Centre. Trainees who have yet to pass the written test are strongly encouraged to register and sit for the upcoming test. To register, please contact Ms Connie Cheng at sccps.crc@gmail.com.


We look forward to another fruitful and eventful year for the society and her members.



Warmest wishes


Dr Adelina Wong
Colposcopy Registration Committee